Bendigo Chamber Choir

Come and hear us! Come and join us!

Information for members


As a member of the Bendigo Chamber Choir you are obliged:

  • To attend all rehearsals unless you are ill, travelling or have an unavoidable engagement that prevents you from attending.
  • If you are unable to attend a rehearsal, to let the Musical Director know in advance.  If it is not possible to do this in time, send an apology through another choir member.
  • To rehearse the music in your own time between rehearsals and ask for help with obtaining part recordings if you need them.

Rehearsal time is a limited resource. Please keep social conversation to a minimum during rehearsals.

Music copies

The Choir’s Librarian issues music copies to members on loan. You may mark music copies only with a 2B pencil and you must erase all marks before returning the copies to the Librarian. Ensure that you return all music copies to the Choir after a performance or if you decide to leave the Choir.

Helping with the running of the Choir

The Choir is a voluntary organisation that requires voluntary work behind the scenes. Please offer to help with some aspect of the running of the Choir, such as serving on the committee or helping with publicity or preparing for or running events.

Choir uniform

The uniform of the Choir for performance is neat and conventional black clothing. The Choir has a set of scarves for the women and ties for the men. These may or may not be worn during an event according to a consensus on the day.

Membership fee

The Choir has an annual membership fee determined at the Annual General Meeting.  In 2011 it was  AUD $150.  The Treasurer has the authority to give a concession in the membership fee for members with limited financial resources.


The Bendigo Chamber Choir Members’ Google group

The Choir has a Google group for communication amongst members and for notices from the committee. 

To communicate with all members of the Choir, send an email to the Google group address that the Choir provides to you as a member.

When someone posts a message you receive it as an email.

If you reply to an email from the group, it only goes back to the individual who sent it. If you want to send your reply to the whole group, CC the group’s email address.

When you join the Choir, ensure that the Google group coordinator sends you an invitation to to join.

To leave the group, follow the instructions at the bottom of any of the group emails or ask the group coordinator to remove you.

You can also use the group’s website to post, read and reply to messages. Go to To access this website you need a Google account that is linked to the same e-mail address you use for your group membership

If you don’t have access to email

For members without computer access, other communication arrangements are possible. It is easiest to arrange for a friend in the choir to keep you posted. If you are not able to do this, discuss it with a committee member.

Choir members contact list

When you join the Choir you may sign a consent for your contact details to be available to other Choir members. A printed copy of this list is occasionally distributed to members. The members list is a Google docs spreadsheet. If you have a Google account, you may ask the membership coordinator to make the list available to you.