Bendigo Chamber Choir

Come and hear us! Come and join us!


Rehearsal dates and times

The Choir normally starts rehearsals in early February and normally ends them immediately after the final event of the year. This is normally in early or mid December. There may be short breaks during the year, usually of only one week, during school holidays or after performances.

Rehearsals are on Monday nights from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

In the weeks before a performance there are generally extra rehearsals. These are often on Saturday or Sunday during the day and may be at a different venue.

Directions to the rehearsal room

Rehearsals are in room B1, Music Dept, Bendigo Senior Secondary College.

Easier: Park in Park Rd, level with the back of the Chinese Museum. Walk into Rosalind Park. On the right, above you, is an old building with arches, a former court house. This is the Music Dept. Take the path that runs along below it and the path will take you up some stairs and around the end of the building. Go right around the end of the building to the other side and you’ll see the entrance to the rehearsal room.

Harder: Park outside the old gaol, in the college grounds. Walk through to the other side of the three-storied classroom block—there is a passageway. You can also walk around the classroom block. To walk around it, go left between it and the old gaol. Find the old stone building on the other side of the block, a former court house. This is the Music Dept.

Help: It may be hard to find the rehearsal room on your first visit. If possible, arrange to meet someone in the car park. If you become lost, try 0401 967 777 or 0438 544 728.