Bendigo Chamber Choir

Come and hear us! Come and join us!

About the Choir

The Bendigo Chamber Choir performs a wide variety of classical music from all eras. We give 2–3 concerts per year. Some of our performance is acappella and some accompanied by the Bendigo Chamber Orchestra.

Legal status, administration and work

Bendigo Chamber Choir Inc. is a Victorian incorporated association A00217146.

An elected committee is responsible for administering the Choir and ensuring that it  continues to operate.

The Choir employs a Musical Director who is responsible for all artistic direction.

Choir members and community friends of the Choir perform voluntary work in the Choir’s day to day running and in publicising its events.


For historical information about the Choir, see Bendigo Chamber Choir’s early days and the other early postings in this website.


The Choir receives financial assistance from a number of sources including:

  • City of Greater Bendigo Community Grants Program
  • Robert Salzer Foundation
  • Community Foundation for Bendigo and Central Victoria
  • Bendigo Stadium Community Fund

The Choir presents its events under the auspices of the Australian National Choral Association (ANCA).